🥀️Cassandra in Trojan Barbie
”Cassandra, played wonderfully by Joanna Decc is the most tragic           character arc, as well as the best acted of the ensemble...Cassandra’s     characterization and Decc’s acting provide a more visceral picture of     encompassing the trauma of war because she is the personifaction of it.”︎︎︎

Best Performance in a Play (UofT Drama Awards)

🔪️Brandon Wyndham in Rope
”Decc especially, whose looming presence and slow mental deterioration — which occurs as her character begins to lose control of the situation — delivers meritoriously and constitutes much of the driving force behind both the plot and the performance.”︎︎︎

🌻Calamine in Saltwater Forests
”The first thing I took away from this play was how strong the acting was. Leads Joanna Decc and Dorcas Chiu were sublime. Each succeeded in delivering their characters’ quirks without overacting.”︎︎︎

”The chemistry between Chiu and Decc was off the charts and while the lack of physical similarity was apparent—and noted within the play itself—their performance as sisters felt genuine nonetheless.”︎︎︎

Donald Sutherland Award for Best Performance(adjudicated by Maev Beaty)︎︎︎

🔥Abigail Williams in The Crucible
“Of course, The Crucible would be nothing without the semi-sadistic Abigail Williams played by Joanna Decc, who expertly embodied the unstable child. Scrupulously manifesting all menacing angles of her role, Decc delivered a truly compelling performance.”︎︎︎

🎭️Top 10 in A2A Showcase (2)
Top 10 in the A2A Showcase in with casting director Stephanie Gorin. Adjudicated by: Emmanuel Kabongo, Melanie Nicholls-King, and Naomi Skieckus.

Top 10 in the October 2021 Showcase. Adjudicated by: Kylee Evans, Melanie Nicholls-King, and Fuad Ahmed.

Quarter-Finalist in the 2021 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards for Bleak as the Setting Sun. 

📝PAGE Screenwriting Awards
🌎World Monologue Games
Global Finalist in the Professional (Main) category & the Sprint category.

Recipient of the Clean Sweep Badge, given to actors who received a perfect score in qualifiers from all judges; 9 out of 650 competitiors received a perfect score.  

📝Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition
Second Rounder in the 2021 Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition for Bleak as the Setting Sun.

🎞LIFT Production and Post-Production Support Grant 
Recipient of the 2022 LIFT Production and Post-Production Support Grant in honour of Mara Da Costa Reis for the film Bleak As The Setting Sun.
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🎭Interview with Hart House Theatre 
“Hart House Theatre’s Home-Grown Talent Now Directing Her First Film”︎︎︎

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                            TO A SENSITIVE SOUL: I, a cynic, sensitive soul? By Diana’s thigh! That insult ought to be washed away with blood, if blood ever washed away anything in this world. No, sensitive soul, I am no cynic, I was a man; my brain was a theater in which plays of all genres were staged, sacred plays, austere dramas, sentimental works, gay comedies, topsy-turvy farces, morality plays, burlesque — pure pandemonium, sensitive soul, a tumult of things people in which you might see everything, from the rose of Smyrna to the rue growing in your own backyard, from Cleopatra’s magnificent couch to the corner of the beach where a beggar shivers away the night. It was host to thoughts of the most various castes and complexions. Nor was it the sole province of the eagle and the hummingbird; the slug’s and the toad’s habitats were represented there as well. Take back those words, then, sensitive soul, give your nerves a shake, clean off your eyeglasses — sometimes it’s all in the eyeglasses — and let us do away with this thicket flower once and for all. — Machado de Assis, The Posthumous Memoirs of Brás Cubas